Chapter 3: 伏線一

Storyline 1 … to be a time traveler …


3.1 In the beginning, …

Time traveling means traveling through time to different eras in history.

To the best knowledge of the known physical laws, time traveling is not feasible.

I was really disappointed until I started to realize that …


3.1.1 in a sense, we are all time travellers

We are travelling into the future now.

If you want to preserve your coordinates, (x, y, z), in space, you can simply choose not to move. You can be static in space. You can choose not to change your position in space.

However, even if you want to preserve your time coordinate, t, you cannot.

You are always moving from the past, through now, into the future.

The t-coordinate in (t, x, y, z) always increases.



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