To realize is to realize, 1.3

搜神記 2


The ultimate self-fulfilling prophecies:

1. free will or not

2. god or no god

3. afterlife or not

4. future spouse exists or not


Why self-fulfilling?

2. god or no god


Whether “god” exists or not depends on your definition of the word “god”.


In some definitions, god does not exist, because of the definitions’ self-contradictory nature. For example, god is good but he wants you to suffer for no reason.


In some definitions, god is possible to exist. For example, a god is any being that has a higher level of consciousness than a human being.

We can say that a human being’s consciousness is higher than a dog’s, in the sense that a human can understand things that a dog cannot. For example, most dogs do not understand what a computer is.

Similarly, a dog’s consciousness is higher than an ant’s. An ant’s consciousness is higher than a tree’s. A tree’s consciousness is higher than a rock’s.

In the opposite direction, it is highly possible that in this universe, there are beings that have a higher level of consciousness than human beings. It is highly unlikely that human beings are the highest beings.

Even within the human being species itself, different people can have different levels of consciousness. Even within a single person’s lifetime, one can be at different levels at different ages.


In some definitions, god can exist. You become that god.

In those cases, whether god exists or not depends on whether YOU are willing to become that god, taking up his responsibilities.

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Light, 3

無額外論 7


The one in the mirror is your Light.

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Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

— one of the Ten Commandments


God teach you through your mind; help you through your actions.

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無額外論 5
“God” is your self at the farthest future.

That’s why we are all becoming gods.

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Cooper : Did it work?

TARS : I think it might have.

Cooper : How do you know?

TARS : Because, the bulk beings are closing the tesseract.

Cooper : Don’t you get it yet, TARS? They’re not *beings*… they’re us! What I’ve been doing for Murph, they’re doing for me, for all of us.

TARS : Cooper, people couldn’t build this.

Cooper : No. No, not yet. But one day. Not you and me, but a people, a civilization that’s evolved beyond the four dimensions we know.

[the tesseract closes around him in a brilliant flash of light]

Cooper : What happens now?

[he sees the Endurance on its flight through the wormhole, touches Brand’s hand through the space-time distortion]

— Interstellar (film)
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無額外論 4.3

Onion self 6.3 | Cosmic religion 3.2









Who are you?





Who are you?


I am.


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