Category Theory | Lisp

My current self-study programme includes

1. read almost everything written by Paul Graham

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2. learn Lisp programming language (Common Lisp/Scheme) by reading Paul Graham’s textbooks

3. learn Category Theory so that I can read almost everything written by John Baez

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Yester-night and tonight, I discovered that they are related:

“Lists, and recursive operations on them, are an excellent case in point. But the path connecting them to their mathematical underpinnings is a long and winding one, which lays in the realm of Category Theory.” — jao

I had never expected that. They are one thing.

Paul Graham –> Lisp –> Category Theory –> John Baez

I have been learning Lisp since 2000 (Machine Intelligence course), since 2006 (Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs), since 2010. I have been learning Category Theory since 2006-2008 (John Baez), since 2008 (Sets for Mathematics), since 2010. I had never expected that they are just two different languages of the same thing.

— Me@2010.03.04

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