Hackers & Painters

Hackers & Painters Table of Contents

   1. Why Nerds Are Unpopular
      Their minds are not on the game.

   2. Hackers and Painters
      Hackers are makers, like painters or architects or writers.

   3. What You Can’t Say
      How to think heretical thoughts and what to do with them.

   4. Good Bad Attitude
      Like Americans, hackers win by breaking rules.

   5. The Other Road Ahead
      Web-based software offers the biggest opportunity since the arrival of the microcomputer.

   6. How to Make Wealth
      The best way to get rich is to create wealth. And startups are the best way to do that.

   7. Mind the Gap
      Could “unequal income distribution” be less of a problem than we think?

   8. A Plan for Spam
      Till recently most experts thought spam filtering wouldn’t work. This proposal changed their minds.

   9. Taste for Makers
      How do you make great things?

  10. Programming Languages Explained
      What a programming language is and why they are a hot topic now.

  11. The Hundred-Year Language
      How will we program in a hundred years? Why not start now?

  12. Beating the Averages
      For web-based applications you can use whatever language you want. So can your competitors.

  13. Revenge of the Nerds
      In technology, “industry best practice” is a recipe for losing.

  14. The Dream Language
      A good programming language is one that lets hackers have their way with it.

  15. Design and Research
      Research has to be original. Design has to be good.

— Paul Graham

2010.08.26 Thursday ACHK