Time travel, 3.1.2

時光機 3.1.2

Time is other things, 2


Let A = your blog and B, C = other blogs.

Also, let the indices 1 = yesterday, 2 = today, and 3 = tomorrow.


How to send your today’s blog to the future?

Don’t update your blog until tomorrow:

B1 –> B2 –> B3

A1 –> A2 –> A2

C1 –> C2 –> C3

As long as you keep your today’s blog (A2) from changing, it goes to tomorrow (B3, C3).


How to send your today’s blog to yesterday?

Don’t update your blog (A2) and revert other blogs (B2, C2) to their yesterday’s versions (B1, C1):

B1 –> B2 –> B1

A1 –> A2 –> A2

C1 –> C2 –> C1

Then, A2 goes back to yesterday (B1, C1).

However, the energy required for doing so is too much.

— Me@2011.08.25



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