Earn respect

Prisons: How do you earn more respect in prison?

James Houston, inmate San Quentin

There was a time when I believed respect was about others seeing me as a tough guy. Over the years with maturity as well as help from programs like the TRUST and The Last Mile, my belief system has been challenged and as a direct result, my belief system has changed.

Now I see in prison, as well as in the free world, respect starts with self. Since my belief system has changed, the way I interact in my environment has changed, and the way my environment interacts with me has also changed. I no longer hide or run away from how I really feel. I don’t gossip or talk about people behind their back. I try as best I can to remain fair and impartial.

I can’t say that it gains respect with everyone. I can say it gains my respect with those who have respect for themselves.

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