Negative reaction

IsaacL 286 days ago | link

Maybe it doesn’t apply so much for visual design, but I often find that a negative reaction to a new concept or piece of software is better than a “meh” reaction. One example: I made a browser game a few years back, one of the early players posted a huge rant about how frustrating the game was, I fixed the design issues they raised, they grew to love the game.

So I tend to think that a negative reaction is often a sign you have something good, but flawed. You don’t want people saying “yeah, that’s kinda cool”, you want them saying “OMG THIS THING SUCKS I’M TRYING TO GET IT TO DO X BUT I CANT BECAUSE IT DOESNT HAVE FEATURE Y” – at least in the second case you know you have something they want, and you know how to fix it.

— Hacker News

2012.08.13 Monday ACHK