Digital physics, 7.2

Thanks for mentioning my earlier work. It is indeed a pity that people still do not check for earlier versions of their work given the easy access to paper []archives[] these days. I spent a lot of time myself looking for earlier versions of event-symmetry and the only good example was Greg Egan’s Dust Theory which he wrote as a science fiction story just before my articles came out.

Susskind was also interested in my work at the time and wrote some encouraging e-mails. That was shortly before matrix theory. In Matrix theory there is a [permutation] symmetry on instantons and space-time is emergent from this model. If you accept that the difference between instantons and events is [symmetric] then you would agree that I was right after all.

— Phil Gibbs ‧ 6 years ago



2012.11.01 Thursday ACHK