Writer’s block 5

種子意念 7

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Isaac Asimov and Piers Anthony have both written in their books that they never suffer from writers block, and the reason both gave is that they read and reply to letters from their audience. Isaac Asimov especially replied to every single letter he received (I’m not sure about Piers Anthony).

Penn and Teller seem to have the same idea: Interact with every member of your audience who wants to talk to you. And they are one of the most successful magicians.

I think everyone should learn from this. Do you write a blog? Read every single comment you get, and reply to as many as you can. Run a business? Read as much customer service mail as you can. And if you are small read ALL of it.

— 14 years ago: the day Teller gave me the secret to my career in magic

— Hacker News

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