Dear Esther

To get a feeling of dying, play the video game Dear Esther till the end.

— Me@2012.12.16

When you finish a video game, you go back to the real world;

when your real world is over, you go back to your realer world.

— Me@2012.12.21

There is another theory, that in a car crash, Esther was put in a coma, and the voice is her husband talking to her, in hopes that she can hear him. She wanders along beaches and through caves that are filled with sometimes strange things, things that are bits and fragments of what she is hearing and what her mind is putting together. At the end when Esther jumps, it is possible her heart rate increased, showing up on the hospital monitor, which would explain the voice at the end saying “Come back,” and the darkness at the end would probably be her dying in the coma.

— Wikipedia on Dear Esther

— 21:01, 29 May 2012

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