Chrono Trigger

Setting Out! The Dreamy Millennial Festival
The Queen who Returned
The Vanished Princess
I’m Home!
Kingdom Trial
Across the Ruins……
Factory Ruins in the Land of Mystery
The Farthest Reaches of Time
People of the Demon Village
Appeared: The Legendary Hero
Tarta and Frog
Red Stone, Rare Stone
Footprints! Track!!
Fight! Grandleon
Decisive Battle! Magus Castle!!
Before You Realize It, Primeval
Law of the Earth
Kingdom of Magic: Zeal
Release the Seal, Call Forth a Storm
The Philosopher on Grief Mountain
That Which Awaits in the Sky
The Call of Lavos
The Ancient Era’s New King
The Egg of Time
To the Fateful Time……
At the End of the Planet’s Dream
– Chrono Compendium

2010.01.03 Sunday ACHK