如夢初醒 4.2 | 讀書與睡眠 4.2


DrPhish 5 months ago [-]

This is exactly the Zen moment that fixed my lifelong insomnia: lying in bed relaxed with my eyes closed, even if I’m not asleep, leaves me feeling worlds better in the morning than fretting about not being able to sleep. It’s something that happened when I forgot about it completely. Once I realized I could literally just lie in bed for 8 hours and be OK, I was able to let go.

It’s like a trap that closes tighter about you the more you struggle, and releases if you allow yourself to relax[.]

Once I really got that, sleep became regular and uninterrupted[.]

laumars 5 months ago [-]

I discovered this recently too. Even in the instances when I still don’t get to sleep (eg my 1 year old coming into bed and wriggling in her sleep waking me) I’ve still felt more refreshed when I’ve relaxed rather than laid in bed wound up. I’m not into new age / whatever stuff but I like to think of it as night time meditation as while it’s still not as good as sleep it’s still a great deal better than full blown insomnia! And best of all, sometimes it clears your mind enough to actually sleep.


— Thinking of yourself as an insomniac may be a part of the problem

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