Insomnia, 5

mingyeow 47 minutes ago [-]

I had signs of insomnia in the last couple of years. Tried all the usual techniques, and I realized those just do not work for one simple reason – that the moment I do not fall asleep, I become frustrated. And that frustration in turn makes sleeping much harder.

So, I tried doing the exact opposite, and my sleep has been tremendously better since.

Essentially, I force myself to keep my eyes open. When I catch myself falling asleep, I actually force myself to keep them often again. Before I know it, it is morning.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but all my insomnia problems are over, including on a plane. Would love to know if it works for others, or if it is just a silly thing that works for only me.

— Insomnia: To Pursue Sleep So Hard You Become Invigorated by the Chase

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2018.11.20 Tuesday ACHK