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Technical debt


dna113 1 day ago [-]

I recently needed an HDMI cord for a monitor and realized that my cord drawer was accruing technical debt.

Whenever I am done with a cord I just throw it in there… it gets all tangled up with all the others. When I inevitably need one of those cords I impatiently pull it out and it makes all the other cords more tangled.

Here I am needing an HDMI cable that won’t just come out easily, I have to pay off my past laziness. But I have choices/tradeoffs/opportunities here.

I can just hurry up and get the minimum untangled and get back to watching TV.

I could untangle all of them since untangling one of them will help me untangle the others and wrap and label them.

I could just untangle the minimum, but also throw a roll of tape and a marker in there and wrap and label all future cords that go into that drawer, eventually they’ll all be nicely wrapped up and well documented.


jolmg 1 day ago [-]

Wow. I never thought of clutter in the home as technical debt, but it’s as similar as you describe. That really makes me see home organization in a whole new light.

— Technical Debt Is Like Tetris

— Hacker News


Whenever you have to search for something, once you have found it, organize an additional thing.

— Me@2019-03-12 11:12:28 AM



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