Particle indistinguishability is the major source of quantum effects, 1.2

However, this definition of “every trajectory is well-defined” has a problem.

If the trajectory concept cannot predict correct experiment results, “the trajectory concept is broken” is only one of the possible causes.

In other words, how can you know the non-classical results (aka quantum effects) are not due to other factors?

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This question is exactly what the Bell tests designed for.

No. It is not correct. A Bell test can check whether the trajectory concept is well-defined, but not whether “the trajectory concept is broken” is the major source of quantum randomness.

However, it is the undefinable trajectory concept that makes the superposition, which is a unique and major feature of quantum mechanics.

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To date, all Bell tests have found that the hypothesis of local hidden variables is inconsistent with the way that physical systems behave.

— Wikipedia on Bell test


Source of quantumness

~ the indistinguishability of cases

~ the individual trajectory of individual particles cannot be well-defined

~ the indistinguishability of particles


~ “individual” particle has no individuality

~ “individual” particle has no individual identity

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