Deus ex machina 4

This [Hegel’s philosophy] illustrates an important truth, namely, that the worse your logic, the more interesting the consequences to which it gives rise.

― A History of Western Philosophy

― Bertrand Russell


A good way to have an intellectual stimulation is to let go of a part of logic and see how the story evolves.

For example, when you let go of the time logic, you will get a time travel story.


let go of a part of logic

~ perturb the reality

~ be thought provocative

~ follow a new set of rules/physical laws

~ 迷魂

— Me@2016-01-29 8:47 AM


We need to distinguish between real philosophical insights and bewitchments.

— Me@2016-02-02 04:29:34 PM


… because both can give you the same feeling of thought-provocative-ness.

— Me@2021-02-27 08:55:27 PM



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