Schrodinger’s cat, 3.3

The modern view is that this mystery is explained by quantum decoherence.

Quantum decoherence is useful, but NOT necessary.

It is useful for the self-consistency checking of quantum mechanics.

Some microscopic states are expressed as (mathematical) superpositions of macroscopic-indistinguishable-if-no-measuring-device-is-allowed states.

Two states are called “macroscopic-distinguishable” only if they result in two different physical phenomena. In other words, the distinction must be observable.

an eigenstate

~ an observable (at least in principle) state

~ a physical state


a superposition state

~ an unobservable (even in principle) state

~ a mathematical (but not physical) state

We define microscopic states and events in terms of macroscopic states and events. A consistent theory must be able to deduce (explain or predict) macroscopic states and events from those microscopic states and events.

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