A Clojure(script) implementation of the scmutils system for math and physics investigations in the Clojure and Clojurescript languages.


1. To install Clojure in Ubuntu, just this command is enough:

sudo apt-get install elpa-cider

Although the Clojure version you get is probably not the most updated one, that is not important, because you can specify which version you want in the config file of each project.


2. Then use this command to generate a new project named my-stuff:

lein new app my-stuff


3. Use Emacs to open the file:



4. Replace the existing :dependencies line with this one

  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.11.1"]
                 [sicmutils "0.22.0"]]

And make sure that both clojure and sicmutils have the most updated version numbers.


5. In Emacs, type the command

M-x cider-jack-in


6. In the clojure window (cider-repl), type


with enter at the end.


7. Type

(require '[sicmutils.env :as env])


8. Type



9. Code

((D cube) 'x)

will result

(+ (* x x) (* x (+ x x)))


10. Type the Emacs command


to access the last input. Then modify it into

(simplify ((D cube) 'x))


It will result

(* 3 (expt x 2))


11. Code

(->TeX (simplify ((D cube) 'x)))

will give the LaTeX code



12. You can exit by the Emacs command

<C-c C-q> 


For the time being, SICMUtils is not suitable for the book SICM (Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics). In other words, SICMUtils cannot replace the scmutils library yet, because:

a. You would have to do the translation manually, from the scmutils code in the book to SICMUtils.

b. Although it can generate LaTeX source code, it does NOT do the LaTeX rendering.

c. It cannot plot graphs.

However, SICMUtils has one advantage over scmutils. It can generate LaTeX source of an expression, but scmutils cannot. So I am planning to use both scmutils and SICMUtils.

Also, I will learn how to use SICMUtils with other Clojure libraries and the Jupyter Notebook. That would get LaTeX rendering and graph plotting running.

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