In physics, the term swampland refers to effective low-energy physical theories which are not compatible with string theory, in contrast to the so-called “string theory landscape” of compatible theories. In other words, the swampland is the set of consistent-looking theories with no consistent ultraviolet completion in string theory.

Developments in string theory suggest that the string theory landscape of false vacua is vast, so it is natural to ask if the landscape is as vast as allowed by consistent-looking effective field theories. Some authors, such as Cumrun Vafa, suggest that is not the case and that the swampland is in fact much larger than the string theory landscape.

— Wikipedia on Swampland (physics)


Recall that Vafa’s Swampland is a giant parameter space of effective field theories that cannot be realized within a consistent theory of quantum gravity i.e. within string/M-theory. Only a tiny island inside this Swampland, namely the stringy Landscape, is compatible with quantum gravity. String/M-theory makes lots of very strong predictions – namely that we don’t live in the Swampland. We have to live in the special hospitable Landscape.

— Vafa, quintessence vs Gross, Silverstein

— The Reference Frame

— Luboš Motl



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