Computing Note, 3

Summer 2002

1. Perhaps the Encyclopedia Britannica 
                    Research Assistant 
                        is written by[in] Java.

2. Work Hard Play Hard 
           Live your life with[in] all [its] fullness.

3. H(Learning): HyperLearning 真切學習:
Be a professional professional: 比專業還專業


To edit Lazarus code in Emacs:

1. Open Emacs’ initialization file, whose location should be


2. Add the follwing code:


(defmacro compile-with (command-string)



    (unless visual-line-mode
      (visual-line-mode 1))


    (compile ,command-string)))

(defmacro defcomp (fn command-string kbd-string)


     (defun ,fn ()


       (compile-with ,command-string))

     (global-set-key (kbd ,kbd-string) ',fn)))


(defcomp g-la-com

     "lazbuild "
      "pas" "lpi" buffer-file-name))

    "C-x C-p")


(defcomp g-la-run

     ".pas" "" buffer-file-name)

    "C-x C-[")


3. Close Emacs.

4. Use the Lazarus IDE to create a console project named p11.

5. Close Lazarus.

6. Use Emacs to open the file p11.pas.

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