Advanced course == course in advance

philip1209 on June 30, 2018

One of my favorite classes in college was a physics course taught in this way:

1. Before class, we were assigned to read a chapter from the textbook, understand the material, and complete two or three homework problems from the material we had just self-learned.

2. After submitting homework, lectures focused on discussing the concepts more in-depth. Everybody already had a baseline knowledge, so the professor would highlight the important takeaways, applications, live demonstrations of concepts, etc. I found these lectures engaging because I had already learned the material – and the lectures focused on mastering it.

3. Sometimes there would be follow-up homework problems focusing on advanced applications or derivations. These advanced problems were closest to exam questions.

Some takeaways for me:

  • If we didn’t have homework to do before class, I doubt I would have consistently learned the material before lecture.

  • Lectures taught us more than the “what” – it taught us the “why” and how these concepts related to other areas.

  • Lectures focused on answering questions, exploring curiosities (like “what if” questions), demonstrations/experiments, and mastery. The professor added value beyond the written material!

I hope this helps OP because it sounds like they have material prepared beforehand, which means that the lectures could go beyond the material.

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