The fallacy of “all the information”

But if \pi is truly infinite and non-repeating, then I think that means all the information in the universe is contained inside.


This is nonsense because:

1. That means it includes also false information.

2. Who can access those pieces of information?

  • If no observer can access, that is equivalent to no information.

  • If an observer needs to work to filter true or useful information from “all the information” inside \pi, that is equivalent to a normal information gathering process without \pi.

3. Assume that in a lottery, you have to choose the correct 6 numbers among 49 to win. If you say “number 1 to 49 contains all the 6 numbers that would win” but do not specify which 6, it is useless.

all information ~ no information

— Me@2023.01.28 11:12:46 PM


The ONLY information that \pi contains is that there is a circle.

— Me@2023.01.29 10:26:54 AM



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