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I have schizotypal personality disorder. For me it feels like a collective, kind of like the borg. I say “me” or “I” when communicating externally, but all thoughts are actually communicated as “us”. All entities speak with the same voice (what most people think of as their inside voice), but each one speaks differently, with a different pace/tone, and has its own personality, thoughts, and desires. There are a handful of dominant ones that sit in the captain’s chair so to speak, and they all have a say in how we behave externally.

For example one of us is a pacifist, another one loves to socialize and party, one is cautious and anxious, the other very confident, and there’s one that has a severe thirst for violence and blood-lust (this one we work hard to keep in check). I’ve literally been in fights where immediately after knocking my opponent down, I ask if they’re ok and then help them back up and let them go. Then there’s hundreds of transient entities that are usually clones of personalities observed elsewhere (movie characters, celebrities, or other influential people). These transient types will actually adopt the mannerisms, voice, and even accent of the personalities and display them outwardly! Makes for very weird interactions with family and friends lol.

I’ve yet to see anyone on reddit or elsewhere with this description of the disorder. The closest thing is DID or maybe even borderline personality disorder (which is on the same schizo spectrum), but there’s no disassociation with what I have, we’re all fully aware of what the other is thinking.

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