Pascal’s Pensees:

Words differently arranged have a different meaning,

and meanings differently arranged have different effects.


In an A.Maths lesson (2006): I said,

係理論上, 理論上同實際上係無乜分別o既;

但係實際上, 理論上同實際上係有好大分別o既.


The next day, in a G.Maths lesson, a student said she would collect my words to construct a quotation book.

As a joke, I said,

I am going to publish an autobiography.

Its name will be “我與A.Maths 爭鬥三十年“.





(1) Written Chinese and English versions:

在理論上, 理論上和實際上是沒有什麼分別的;

但是在實際上, 理論上和實際上是有很大分別的.

The difference between theory and practice is small in theory but big in practice.


The original quotation is “The difference between theory and practice tends to be very small in theory, but in practice it is very large indeed.” — Anonymous

I discovered this quotation from the book Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution in 2002.

(2) A Thirty-year War against Additional Mathematics.




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