~ 1988 – 1990

The Transformers of this size were sold 37 HKD each at the Watsons near my home. That was much more expensive than an ordinary size one, which costed only around 25 HKD.

One time, mom brought me to ToyRUs. I found that the Transformers there were much cheaper. This one costed only about 29 HKD.

I did not mind buying a Decepticon.

A much more beautiful one was released last year.

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Zooming out, 2

In this morning’s dream, I could hold my lucid dream without feeling a headache. I felt comfortable as awake.

I was in a city and listening to an Inception-style music.

I tried to fold the city as in Inception so that I could have walked on a vertical land.

However, it did not work. The city got folded together, not as an L shape, [?]but as an L with a horizontal line head shape.[?]

Then I got myself waking up by flying-falling downwards.

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This was my Art result. I had a great art teacher Mr Lo in that year. He taught us a lot of design concepts.

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