War and Peace

Is peace better than war?

Peace is acceptance of the status quo

You cannot answer the question of whether peace is better than war without reference to the status quo. Preserve peace is another way of saying accept the status quo. Accepting the status quo is OK only if the status quo is acceptable. Sometimes, it is not.

Diplomacy is meaningless unless it is backed by potential use of force.

Nations negotiate diplomatically to prevent war. Were there no threat of war behind international negotiations, each side could just say “No” to the other forever

Objecting to all wars is not an option for anyone unless the objector is protected by someone who does not object to all wars. No one should be willing to risk his life for such people.


— Is peace better than war?

— John Reed




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Slow down

You need to slow down, in order to enjoy NOW-HERE.

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So why bother with all this pessimism?

Because at their heart, dystopias
are cautionary tales,

not about some particular government
or technology,

but the very idea that humanity can be
molded into an ideal shape.

Think back to the perfect world
you imagined.

Did you also imagine what it would
take to achieve?

How would you make people cooperate?

And how would you make sure it lasted?

Now take another look.

Does that world still seem perfect?

— How to recognize a dystopia

— Alex Gendler

— animation by TED-Ed
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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無額外論 5
“God” is your self at the farthest future.

That’s why we are all becoming gods.

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Cooper : Did it work?

TARS : I think it might have.

Cooper : How do you know?

TARS : Because, the bulk beings are closing the tesseract.

Cooper : Don’t you get it yet, TARS? They’re not *beings*… they’re us! What I’ve been doing for Murph, they’re doing for me, for all of us.

TARS : Cooper, people couldn’t build this.

Cooper : No. No, not yet. But one day. Not you and me, but a people, a civilization that’s evolved beyond the four dimensions we know.

[the tesseract closes around him in a brilliant flash of light]

Cooper : What happens now?

[he sees the Endurance on its flight through the wormhole, touches Brand’s hand through the space-time distortion]

— Interstellar (film)
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