Ultimate Freedom, 2

Imagination is not an empirical or superadded power of consciousness, it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes its freedom.

— Jean-Paul Sartre


Your mental world/software world lies your ultimate freedom.

It is where anything not forbidden can happen.

It is where anything logically consistent can happen.

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Event Realism 6.2

事件實在論,更正 2


Lee’s event realism ~ past realism

should be transcended by now-realism, in which the past is part of the present.

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Event Realism | 事件實在論 6.1


exist = can be found


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If the consequences of an event cannot be found anymore, that event no longer exists.

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The surprising implications of the original delayed-choice experiment led Wheeler to the conclusion that “no phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon”, which is a very radical position. Wheeler famously said that the “past has no existence except as recorded in the present“, and that the Universe does not “exist, out there independent of all acts of observation”.

— Wikipedia on Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment



實在 ~ 堅實地存在



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Reality 4

Real” has meanings other more than “lasting“.

For example, “pain is real” means “pain is objective“, instead of “pain is lasting“. 


~ objective


~ independent of time (to a certain extent)


~ independent of most of the things

~ constant with respect to most of the things

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Consciousness 4

Event Realism 3.2 | 事件實在論 3.2 | Cumulative concept of time, 17.2

being conscious

~ having one’s own past information

~ having memory

~ having self-interaction

~ entanglement between past states and the present state

~ some of the past states keep existing through memories and records

~ past-self-and-present-self entanglement

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Truth and Reality


“Real” is for objects (zeroth-order statements):

it is a real X

= it is an X


it is not a real car

= it looks like a car, but it is not a car

“True” is for statements (first-order statements).

“Y” is true

= Y

“Y” is false

= Not Y


“Snow is white” is true

= Snow is white

“Snow is white” is false

= Snow is not white

The relation between “Real” and “True” is:

“it looks like an X and it is X” is true

= X is real


“it looks like an X and it is X” is true

= it looks like an X and it is X

= X is real

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Information 2

Event Realism 3 | 事件實在論 3 | Cumulative concept of time, 17 | Recursion 8.3 | I am a Strange Loop, 3.3

memory ~ information of the past

Part of the past still exists, in the sense that some states and events of the past are entangled with those of the present.

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Virtual particle

The Matrix, 4

However, the longer a virtual particle exists, the more closely it adheres to the mass-shell relation. A “virtual” particle that exists for an arbitrarily long time is simply an ordinary particle.

However, all particles have a finite lifetime, as they are created and eventually destroyed by some processes. As such, there is no absolute distinction between “real” and “virtual” particles. In practice, the lifetime of “ordinary” particles is far longer than the lifetime of the virtual particles that contribute to processes in particle physics, and as such the distinction is useful to make.

— Wikipedia on Virtual particle

The difference between the real world and a virtual world is that reality lasts longer. 

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Pains occupy a distinct and vital place in the philosophy of mind for several reasons. One is that pains seem to collapse the appearance/reality distinction. If an object appears to you to be red it might not be so in reality, but if you seem to yourself to be in pain you must be so: there can be no case here of seeming at all. At the same time, one cannot feel another person’s pain, but only infer it from their behavior and their reports of it.

— Wikipedia on Private language argument

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Imaginary mass

Complex mass and decay rate

The mass of an unstable particle is formally a complex number, with the real part being its mass in the usual sense, and the imaginary part being its decay rate in natural units.

When the imaginary part is large compared to the real part, the particle is usually thought of as a resonance more than a particle.

For a particle of mass , the particle can travel for time 1/M, but decays after time of order of . If > M then the particle usually decays before it completes its travel.

— Wikipedia on Particle decay

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The Problem with Gamification is that it tries to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. We already have a universal points system, across all aspects of life, that represents status and is redeemable for real world prizes. It’s called “money.”

— Greg Costikyan

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The Matrix

The conspiracy is so thorough that most kids who discover it do so only by discovering internal contradictions in what they’re told. It can be traumatic for the ones who wake up during the operation. Here’s what happened to Einstein:

Through the reading of popular scientific books I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true. The consequence was a positively fanatic freethinking coupled with the impression that youth is intentionally being deceived by the state through lies: it was a crushing impression.

I remember that feeling.

By 15 I was convinced the world was corrupt from end to end. That’s why movies like The Matrix have such resonance. Every kid grows up in a fake world. In a way it would be easier if the forces behind it were as clearly differentiated as a bunch of evil machines, and one could make a clean break just by taking a pill.

— Lies We Tell Kids

— Paul Graham

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