Reality 4

Real” has meanings other more than “lasting“.

For example, “pain is real” means “pain is objective“, instead of “pain is lasting“. 


~ objective


~ independent of time (to a certain extent)


~ independent of most of the things

~ constant with respect to most of the things

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Truth and Reality


“Real” is for objects (zeroth-order statements):

it is a real X

= it is an X


it is not a real car

= it looks like a car, but it is not a car

“True” is for statements (first-order statements).

“Y” is true

= Y

“Y” is false

= Not Y


“Snow is white” is true

= Snow is white

“Snow is white” is false

= Snow is not white

The relation between “Real” and “True” is:

“it looks like an X and it is X” is true

= X is real


“it looks like an X and it is X” is true

= it looks like an X and it is X

= X is real

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Virtual particle

The Matrix, 4

However, the longer a virtual particle exists, the more closely it adheres to the mass-shell relation. A “virtual” particle that exists for an arbitrarily long time is simply an ordinary particle.

However, all particles have a finite lifetime, as they are created and eventually destroyed by some processes. As such, there is no absolute distinction between “real” and “virtual” particles. In practice, the lifetime of “ordinary” particles is far longer than the lifetime of the virtual particles that contribute to processes in particle physics, and as such the distinction is useful to make.

— Wikipedia on Virtual particle

The difference between the real world and a virtual world is that reality lasts longer. 

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