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Bachelor: someone has general knowledge

Master: someone has the ability to practice a particular field of knowledge

Doctor: someone has the ability to teach a particular field of knowledge


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好似master 勁過 doctor 咁


Mara: “You who go where others dare not; Will you be my God? The architect of my house?”

Siddharta: “Finally I meet the illusion of self; Your evil house will not be built again.”

Mara: “But you live in me; I am your house.”

Siddharta: “O, trickster; phantom of my own ego, you are pure illusion. You, self, do not exist. The earth is my witness to this Supreme Enlightenment.”

— Wikipedia

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新亞書院學規 –錢穆



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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“Think instead of react. Take frequent breaks and strive to constantly eliminate instead of organize. Create not-to-do lists and cancel, fire, subtract, and eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. If you remove all the static and distraction, priorities become clear, execution becomes a one-item to-do list, and time management isn’t even necessary. Honestly, this is the holy grail.”

— Timothy Ferriss

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新亞書院學規 –錢穆




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Wikipedia on Arthur Schopenhauer:

— He is commonly known for having espoused a sort of philosophical pessimism that saw life as being essentially evil, futile, and full of suffering.

— However, upon closer inspection, in accordance with Eastern thought, especially that of Hinduism and Buddhism, he saw salvation, deliverance, or escape from suffering in aesthetic contemplation, sympathy for others, and ascetic living.



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