Determined by what?

If you say “an event is determined”, in order to be meaningful, you have to specify, explicitly or by context, that the event is determined by whom.

Similarly, if you say something is free, you have to specify “free from what” or “free with respect to what”. 

free ~ independent of

Without a grammatical object, the phrase “independent of” is meaningless, unless the context has implied what that grammatical object is.

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free [without an object] ~ free from everything

is meaningless, because the word “everything” is meaningful only if it has a context.

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Holodny: Yeah, I noticed you don’t have a Ph.D. Are you not into the Ph.D. system?

Dyson: Oh, very much against it. I’ve been fighting it unsuccessfully all my life.

Holodny: Any reason in particular?

Dyson: Well, I think it actually is very destructive. I’m now retired, but when I was a professor here, my real job was to be a psychiatric nurse. There were all these young people who came to the institute, and my job was to be there so they could cry on my shoulder and tell me what a hard time they were having. And it was a very tough situation for these young people. They come here. They have one or two years and they’re supposed to do something brilliant. They’re under terrible pressure – not from us, but from them.

So, actually, I’ve had three of them who I would say were just casualties who I’m responsible for. One of them killed himself, and two of them ended up in mental institutions. And I should’ve been able to take care of them, but I didn’t. I blame the Ph.D. system for these tragedies. And it really does destroy people. If they weren’t under that kind of pressure, they could all have been happy people doing useful stuff. Anyhow, so that’s my diatribe. But I really have seen that happen.

— Legendary physicist Freeman Dyson talks about math, nuclear rockets, and astounding things about the universe

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