The Ivory Tower Reconsidered

But I would emphasize one other, indispensable ingredient in this recipe for change: these four young people all summoned the passion, the courage, and the will to act–to take their stand against injustice. … ; but as these four students showed, defying danger and their own doubts, each of us can create our own logic of events and, by acting, turn the dreams of one age into the “inevitabilities” of the next.

–Robert Weisbrot, The Ivory Tower Reconsidered


2007.10.29 Monday CHK2


1.1 專博之爭 1.2 第二是沒有意思的

2.1 軟硬智力 2.2 提昇軟硬智力 2.21 提昇硬智力 2.22 硬件常識


2.23 提昇軟智力

2.231 作業系統


2.232 公用程式 Utilities Software: 學海無涯 唯勤是岸


任何的思考學習也會刺激腦部, 增加腦細胞之間的連繫, 整體智力上升. 對以後學習任何科目也有幫助.

大量閱讀是有效的方法, 一方面腦細胞之連繫會增加得很快很多, 另一方面可以掌握廣博的知識.

當你的腦細胞連繫和一般知識達到臨界質量時, 你會發現你的智力升高了一個Level.



2007.10.27 Saturday (c) CHK2

Yin and Yang


“Everything can be described as either yin or yang.

1. Yin and yang are opposites.

Everything has its opposite—although this is never absolute, only comparative. No one thing is completely yin or completely yang. Each contains the seed of its opposite. For example, cold can turn into hot; “what goes up must come down”.

2. Yin and yang are interdependent.

One cannot exist without the other. For example, day cannot exist without night.

3. Yin and yang can be further subdivided into yin and yang.

Any yin or yang aspect can be further subdivided into yin and yang. For example, temperature can be seen as either hot or cold. However, hot can be further divided into warm or burning; cold into cool or icy.

4. Yin and yang consume and support each other.

Yin and yang are usually held in balance—as one increases, the other decreases. However, imbalances can occur. There are four possible imbalances: Excess yin, excess yang, yin deficiency, yang deficiency.

5. Yin and yang can transform into one another.

At a particular stage, yin can transform into yang and vice versa. For example, night changes into day; warmth cools; life changes to death.

6. Part of Yin is in Yang and part of Yang is in Yin.

The dots in each serve as a reminder that there are always traces of one in the other. For example, humans will always be both good and evil, never completely one or the other.”


— Wikipedia



2007.10.27 Saturday CHK2


1.1 專博之爭 1.2 第二是沒有意思的

2.1 軟硬智力 2.2 提昇軟硬智力 2.21 提昇硬智力 2.22 硬件常識


2.23 提昇軟智力

2.231 作業系統


電腦的作業系統是Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.

人腦的作業系統是 語言.

語言者, 中英數也.





2.232 公用程式: 學海無涯 唯勤是岸

2.233 主題程式: 學海無涯 回頭是岸

2.234 程式員寫程式



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