This essay is adapted from an dialogue on 2009.12.01.


Me: How are you today?

TYC: How come the feeling of loneliness often appears?

Me: You? You have a boyfriend now. But still feel lonely?

TYC: His mobile phone has been confiscated by his teacher temporarily. So I cannot find him now.

Me: Strange. You can phone his home. Or you can use instant messenger or email to contact him.

TYC: I don’t phone his home.

TYC: And his computer has been locked up by his elder brother.

Me: ??? He is really strange…

Me: Do you two have any regular meeting time?

TYC: Yes. Once a week.

Me: Good.

Me: Then no need to worry.

Me: No need to be lonely.

TYC: But … I don’t know why I still feel lonely.

Me: Let me tell you the truth. Ready?



Me: Even after marriage, most people still feel lonely.

Me: They are “Married Singles”.

Me: See?

TYC: So I am one of them?

Me: ?

Me: To get rid of loneliness, you must be very “high level”. I can do it only 60% of the time.

Me: Can be 70% when I get a girlfriend.

Me: 80% when I get a wife.

TYC: But why??

TYC: Even though I have got a lover, I still have to be lonely?

Me: I know why.


Me: If the lover is just a biological lover or psychological lover, that’s not enough.

Me: The lover must also be an intellectual lover and a spiritual lover.

Me: That is, someone can transform and be transformed by you.

Me: He can expand your mental horizon. You can expand his spiritual universe.

Me: etc.

TYC: …


TYC: Can we really find “the one”?

Me: No guarantee.

Me: Finding “the one” is impossible for human.

Me: That’s why we need God’s help

TYC: …

Me: in order to find “the one”.

TYC: So I still need God -_-

Me: Only God can do the “impossible”.

Me: We cannot.


— Me@2010.04.12


Finding your Amazing Half is impossible.

That’s why you need to provide the environment for God’s miracle.

— Me@2009.07.16



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