Cosmic string

String theory and cosmic strings

There is no direct connection between string theory and the theory of cosmic strings (the names were chosen independently by analogy with ordinary string).

However, work in string theory revived interest in cosmic strings in the early 2000s. In 2002 Henry Tye and collaborators observed the production of cosmic strings during the last stages of brane inflation. It was also pointed out by string theorist Joseph Polchinski that the expanding Universe could have stretched a “fundamental” string (the sort which superstring theory considers) until it was of intergalactic size. Such a stretched string would exhibit many of the properties of the old “cosmic” string variety, making the older calculations useful again. Furthermore, modern superstring theories offer other objects which could feasibly resemble cosmic strings, such as highly elongated one-dimensional D-branes (known as “D-strings”). As theorist Tom Kibble remarks, “string theory cosmologists have discovered cosmic strings lurking everywhere in the undergrowth”. Older proposals for detecting cosmic strings could now be used to investigate superstring theory.

— Wikipedia on Cosmic string

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