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Paradox 5.2 | Meta-time 4.2 | Cumulative concept of time, 13.2 | Two dimensional time 4.1 | 二次元時間 4.1

In a “if and only if” case, there is no time. 

If A is a necessary condition of B, we say “A is a cause of B“. In other words, A is in the past of B.

However, in some time travel story, it is “possible” to have both

A is a cause of B

(A is a necessary condition of B)

(B -> A)


B is a cause of A

(B is also a necessary condition of A)

(A -> B)

In this case, A and B are just equivalent.

(A B)

Neither is in the past of another. A and B have no causal relationship. In this sense, there is no time.

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