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fleitz 17 hours ago

Great article on the fundamental problems associated with mutable state. The fundamental problem is that the idea of an object with a set of state that is the same to all observers violates pretty much the whole of information theory. It’s not a problem that will ever be fixed [without] changing the fundamental laws of the universe.

Ditch the mutable data and you can stop asking questions like what do we do if 10 becomes 10.5 before it becomes 11 and start storing values which never change.

jerf 13 hours ago

Information theory does not have a problem, only, as you say, our universe. Mathematicians and their various hangers-on like programming language researchers often prefer to deal with models that have no concept of time, in which the very concept of “observer” is extraneous since there isn’t really anything like a “point of view”. Everything just… is.

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