themodelplumber 25 days ago

I used to live near the Tojimbo cliffs and have been thinking about the place (and what happens there) on and off since my first visit. I also really liked this NYT article, about a retired cop who made it his mission to stop suicide attempts at the cliffs. 222 lives had been saved as of late 2009.

scott_s 25 days ago

“Mr. Shige says his approach to stopping suicides is quite simple: when he finds a likely person, he walks up and gently begins a conversation. The person, usually a man, quickly breaks down in tears, happy to find someone to listen to his problems.”

Genuine empathy can be both powerful and shocking.


bradleysmith 25 days ago

[Unexpected] empathy is always particularly moving, especially for the hopeless. It’s a STRONG pattern interrupt to a negative view of the world around you, and really makes people question themselves.

— Hacker News



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