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Problem 14.5c4 | Counting states in heterotic SO(32) string theory


c) Are there tachyonic states in heterotic string theory?

Write out the massless states of the theory (bosons and fermions) …



What is the meaning of \displaystyle{\alpha'}?

How come \displaystyle{\alpha' = \frac{1}{2}}?

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If we consider a rigidly rotating open string, \alpha' is the proportionality constant that relates the angular momentum J of the string, measured in units of \hbar, to the square of its energy E. More explicitly,

\displaystyle{  \frac{J}{\hbar} = \alpha' E^2  }

— p.68


\displaystyle{  J = \frac{1}{ 2 \pi T_0 c} E^2  }

As anticipated, the angular momentum is proportional to the square of the energy of the string. Comparing with equation (8.69) we deduce that

\displaystyle{ \begin{aligned}   \alpha' &= \frac{1}{2 \pi T_0 \hbar c} \\   T_0 &= \frac{1}{2 \pi \alpha' \hbar c}  \end{aligned}}

These equations relate the slope parameter \alpha' to the string tension T_0.

— p.69

— A First Course in String Theory



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