Quantum information makes classical information consistent

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Wrong: Quantum information is inconsistent and classical information is consistent.

Source: Misunderstanding quantum superposition; regarding mathematical superposition as physical superposition, violating logic, such as a particle has gone through both the left slit and right slit at the same time.

Right: Quantum information is what makes sure that classical information is consistent even when there are indistinguishabilities of some classical cases.


a quantum superposition state

~ a state without classical equivalence because some classical cases are indistinguishable-even-in-principle that they are logically forced into one SINGLE physical state

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quantum superposition

= mathematical superposition

= physical NON-superposition

= logically one SINGLE physical state

= go-left and go-right are logically indistinguishable due to the “experiment setup is without detector” part of the definition

= the SINGLE state of “both slits are open but no measuring device is installed; so for each photon, we have no which-way information; because there is no which-way DEFINITION”


The definition requirement means that you have to answer

Under what physical phenomenon/phenomena occur(s) that you will say that the photon has gone through the left slit?

In other words, you need to DEFINE “go-left” in terms of at least one potential observable or measurable physical phenomenon. Same for “go-right”.


In the double-slit experiment, if there is no meaning of “the difference between ‘go-left’ and ‘go-right’“, then there is no meaning of “go-left”. (Same for “go-right”.)

In that case, we have only the meaning of “go-through-the-slits (without distinguishing ‘go-left’ and ‘go-right’)“.

We still have that meaning because we can still define

the photon has gone through the board (that consists of those 2 slits)


there is a dot appearing on the final screen almost immediately after a photon is emitted from the source“.

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quantum information = mathematical information

classical information = physical information


quantum entanglement

~ all measurement results will be consistent

~ all measurement results follow the three basic logic laws (i.e. identity, non-contradiction, excluded middle)

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Quantum theory is:

The minimal mathematical formalism that correctly describes all physical interaction as classical information exchange and all classical information exchange as physical interaction.

Entanglement is:

The condition of interacting with the world through an imaginary interface on which classical information appears.

— What Is Entanglement Anyway?

— Chris Fields


Quantum mechanics is a theory of classical information.

Quantum mechanics explains why all the measurement results are always consistent in spite of the quantum effects, the effects due to the indistinguishabilities of some classical cases.

Quantum mechanics explains why all the measurement results are always consistent in spite of the indistinguishabilities of some classical cases.

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