EPR paradox, 11.3

Black hole information paradox, 2.2.3


It shouldn’t be so surprising that unitarity survives completely while causality doesn’t. After all, the basic postulates of quantum mechanics, including unitarity, the probabilistic interpretation of the amplitudes, and the linearity of the operators representing observables, seem to be universally necessary to describe physics of any system that agrees with the basic insights of the quantum revolution.

On the other hand, geometry has been downgraded into an effective, approximate, emergent aspect of reality. The metric tensor is just one among many fields in our effective field theories including gravity.

— Black hole information puzzle

— Lubos Motl


identical particles

~ some particles are identical, except having different positions

~ some particle trajectories are indistinguishable


trajectory indistinguishability

~ particle identity is an approximate concept

~ causality is an approximation


spacetime is defined by causality

~ so spacetime is also an approximation

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