The 4 bugs of quantum mechanics popular, 1.3

The common quantum mechanics “paradoxes” are induced by 4 main misunderstandings.

1.  A wave function is of a particle. Wrong.

2.1  A system's wave function exists in physical spacetime. Wrong.

physical definition

~ define the microscopic events in terms of observable physical phenomena such as the change of readings of the measuring device

~ define unobservable events in terms of observable events

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~ lack of the existence of measuring device to provide the physical definitions for the (difference between) microscopic events

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a physical variable X is in a superposition state

~ X has no physical definition

~ in the experiment-setup design, no measurement device is allowed to exist to provide a definition of different possible values of X

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2.2   A superposition state is a physical superposition of a physical state. Wrong.

“Quantum state” is a misnomer. It is not a (physical) state. It is a (mathematical) property. It is a system property (of a physical variable) of an experimental-setup design.

“State” and “property” have identical meanings except that:

State is physical. It exists in physical time. In other words, a system's state changes with time.

Property is mathematical. It is timeless. In other words, a system's property does not change. (If you insist on changing a system's property, that system will become, actually, another system.)

For example, “having two wheels” is a bicycle’s property; but the speed is a state, not a property of that bicycle.

superposition state

~ physically-undefined property


In the phrase “superposition state”, the word “superposition” is also a misnomer.

A superposition state is not of physical waves, nor of physical states. Instead, it is a superposition of physical meanings of some variables in a physical system.

a physical variable X is in a superposition state

~ X is a physically-undefined property (of the physical system)

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