Powermaster Optimus Prime


Diary: [W]hen I teach taught [E]rg maths, I have had new 
ideas[. B]ut I have no new ideas in research now. 


Yesterday, I went to Shatin [T]oys[R][U]s to buy a 
[robot] model for brother. But finally, I saw a 
[PowerMaster] Opimus [P]rime which I wanted to buy when 
I was small. 

Consider [whether to buy or not] for several some 
moment. [And then bought it.]


At home, we discovered that the small person-robot had 
been stolen. 

[So s]uddenly, I gave up my happiness. 

Luckily, after playing the robot with brother, instead 
of blaming me for not buying a model for him to 
construct, he loved the robot. I was very happy too as 
I discussed "the Transformers generation one" with him. 



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