is an Emacs app for exporting syntax-highlighted buffers to html files. This post is about how to install it.

1. In the Bash terminal, get htmlize by the following command:

sudo apt-get install elpa-htmlize

2.0 Change the value of the variable htmlize-output-type to inline-css by the following steps:

2.1 In Emacs, run the function describe-variable by the hotkey:

Ctrl-h v

2.2 When you are asked to describe variable, type


2.3 Click “customize“.

2.4 Click “Value Menu“.

2.5 Select “inline-css“.

2.6 Click “Apply and Save“.


3.1 Then whenever you want to turn the Emacs buffer into html, run the command

M-x htmlize-buffer

The buffer will show the generated html code.

3.2 Save the buffer as an html file. The html code itself will get syntax-highlighted.


4.1 In the output html file, delete everything before

<body style="color: #333333; background-color: #FFFFFF;">

4.2 Then replace these 2 lines

<body style="color: #333333; background-color: #FFFFFF;">


<pre style="color: #333333;background-color: #FFFFFF">

4.3 Delete everything after


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