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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Steam version testing result:

1. With GTX 1050 Ti as the GPU, the bottleneck is the GPU, not the CPU, even though my CPU itself was weak.

2. However, once the GPU got upgraded, the CPU became the bottleneck.

The following settings can make the game smoother:

3. Set the Texture to Low. However, I do not recommend that.

4. Set the Shadow to Low.

5. Set the number of background people to be zero.

6. Set the resolution to 720p.


The following are the less obvious steps to release some CPU pressure:

7. Turn Steam into offline mode.

8. Turn off as many as other programs as possible.

9. In the controller setting, change the controller from the default “XInput” to “XBox 360“. However, I do not recommend that because that would disable the game’s rumble function.


After these settings, the game should be able to load Cloud’s headache memory cinematic scenes.

— Me@2023-01-11 12:39:59 AM


10. If not, start to repeat pressing the pause button every one second when a scene starts to load.

— Me@2023.01.23 05:17:38 PM



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