Quicklisp, 2

Euler problem 13


To run the following code, you have to install the Quicklisp library manager by following the steps in my blog post titled cmu-infix.

(ql:quickload "str")

(defun file-get-contents (filename)
  (with-open-file (stream filename)
    (let ((contents (make-string
                     (file-length stream))))
      (read-sequence contents stream)

(defun file-get-lines (filename)
  (with-open-file (stream filename)
    (loop :for line = (read-line stream nil)
          :while line
          :collect line)))

(file-get-lines #P"n.txt")

(defun string-to-list (the-string)
  (loop :for char :across the-string
        :collect char))

(defun char-to-integer-list (char-list)
  (mapcar #'digit-char-p char-list))

(let ((the-list (file-get-contents #P"n.txt")))
      (butlast (str:split #\newline the-list)))))
   0 10))

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