3.5 Time messenger

A time messenger is someone who can send and receive letters to and from the past and to and from the future.

You are a time messenger.


3.5.1 send messages to your past self

You cannot send messages into the past. Even if you can, you cannot receive it, for you have already become your now-self. Only your past-self can receive the message, your now-self cannot.


3.5.2 receive messages from your future self 接收來自未來的訊息

You can receive the message sent by your future self because you are your now-self now.

What if your future self did not send the message you want to receive?

That is nonsense. You are always creating your own future-self. Your future-self is under your control.


How to receive messages from your-future-self?

Vision: 先知先覺 洞悉先機

To receive messages from your future-self, you need vision.

Vision is a function of common sense. Common sense is a function of vast knowledge and creativity.

How to get such knowledge and creativity?

1. Read

2. Observe

3. Experience

4. Create

Then imagine yourself as your ten-year-later self. If you are yourself-in-ten-year-later, what would you want to tell your now-self?



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