3.6.1 Foresight: prequel

Suppose you are an A-Level student. You desire to be a university student.

You should know that

(1997 – 1999; study hard) \Leftrightarrow (1999 – 2002; university student)


In 1997, I wanted to be a university student. I could not transform myself to be a university student immediately. I could not travel to 1999, becoming a university student at once. However, I knew that, ideally, if I worked hard (and worked smartly) now (1997), I would be able to enter university. In other words, the event “being a university student in 1999” is equivalent to the event “studying hard in 1997”.

I could not control an event in 1999 as it was in my future. But I could control the present-equivalence of that future event.



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