Delayed choice quantum eraser

Quantum decoherence 5.2 | Event Realism 5 | 事件實在論 5


For a delayed choice quantum eraser, both interference patterns are there.

But since they overlap each other, you cannot see them individually.

— Me@2011.10.21


One of the easiest ways of “making sense” of the delayed-choice paradox is to examine it using Bohmian mechanics. The surprising implications of the original delayed-choice experiment led Wheeler to the conclusion that “no phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon”, which is a very radical position. Wheeler famously said that the “past has no existence except as recorded in the present“, and that the Universe does not “exist, out there independent of all acts of observation”.

— Wikipedia on Wheeler’s delayed choice experiment


What we do in the present does not change the past, but change we can see/say about the past.

— Wheeler on Delayed choice quantum eraser

— paraphrased

— Me@2018-02-04 03:40:27 PM



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