Year 2000 Reloaded

These are what I kept reminding myself during my Age of University.

1. I think, therefore I am

A lot of times, something seems to be a deadend.

However, once I have faith that a solution may be possible and start to think, most of the time, that “deadline” is actually resolvable.

2. Nothing Less

A lot of times, an action seems to be insignificant.

However, actually, every action may have infinite consequences, especially when you cultivate it.

3. The Aladdin Factor

A key to get a meaningful life is to dare to ask other people or yourself for answers, advice, or favours, when necessary.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as long as a request is ethical, reasonable, and polite.

— Me@2011.08.17

— Me@2021-09-11



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