Turbo Pascal for Windows

A day in year 1995, somehow, I needed to take a ferry to Hong Kong Island. Before that, I went to the Star Computer Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. I found a box of Turbo Pascal for Windows. More likely, I went there when I came back from Hong Kong Island.

WinWorld screenshot

More more likely, I went there and saw the box before going to Hong Kong Island; and then went there again to buy it when I was back.

I needed that for doing my programming homework. It cost me 299 HKD.

Throughout that school year, I did almost every exercise in my programming textbook, at the cost of my Additional Mathematics and Biology time. However, for my programming projects, I still needed to test them under Microsoft Pascal, because it was what my school computers ran.

Even during moving house in 2019, I was still not willing to throw this box away.

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