To realize is to realize, 1.2.2

So in theory, there is no free will, because the future is already fixed, by the physical laws.


However, even if we knew the exact physical laws, it would be still logically impossible to get all the data of the present state of the whole universe, because it is logically impossible for any observer to observe itself, with 100% details, directly. For example, no camera can take a picture of itself directly.

So “in practice”, which is actually also “in principle”, there is free will, because logically, no one can predict, with 100% accuracy, your future actions.


In one logical sense, the future is already fixed, so there is no free will. In another logical sense, the future is fixed, but no observer can know that “fixed future” with 100% accuracy, so there is free will.

As a result, whether you label your actions are due to “free-will” or “not-free-will” has no real consequence. In other words, whether there is free will or not has no meaningful difference.

The difference that makes no difference makes no difference.

So you can actually transcend the free will problem altogether. You can just ignore it and live your life.

Or, you can somehow capitalize on this freedom of labelling your (future) life as either fixed or free, depending which label is more beneficial for you in a particular situation.

For example, when you are highly under pressure, you know that everything is fixed by the physical laws, from god’s point of view. When you are highly above pressure, you know that you are partially responsible for creating your own reality, because the future is not fixed for any one observer, for there is no “god’s point of view”.

You have the flexibility to label it in one way or another.

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