Anti de Sitter space 3

de Sitter Space distinguished from spacetime in general relativity

Fundamentally, the key concept behind the idea of de Sitter space is that it involves a variation on the spacetime of general relativity in which spacetime is itself slightly curved even in the absence of matter or energy.

An inherent curvature of spacetime even in the absence of matter or energy is another way of thinking about the idea of the cosmological constant in general relativity. An inherent curvature of spacetime and the cosmological constant are also equivalent to the idea that a vacuum (i.e. empty space without any matter or energy in it) has a fundamental energy of its own.

de Sitter space can also be thought of as a general relativity like spacetime in which empty space itself has some energy, which causes this spacetime (i.e. the universe) to expand at an ever greater rate.

— Wikipedia on Anti de Sitter space

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